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Kazakhstan attends SmartCity Expo World Congress

16 November 2018 10:31 1429
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Kazakhstan attends SmartCity Expo World Congress

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Astana Innovations JSC CEO Olzhas Sartayev took the floor at the Data Governance panel session held as part of the SmartCity Expo World Congress in Barcelona, the company's press service reports. 

He drew attention to the words of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev that it is crucial to provide first of all development of future economy trends, such as the Big Data, alternative energy, advanced materials, biomedicine, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain that will have an impact on the country's place and role in the global world in the future.

As statistics read, Astana is a home to 1,120,000 people. 122,000 children will go for the first time to school in five years to come; about 40,000 will graduate from schools.  The Big Data will help ascertain demand and forecast where to build new schools, hospitals, etc., taking into account future needs of the population. It will also allow developing the best bus route having analyzed the movement of people living in one or another district.

That's why accurate data collection and data use in the developed countries have a direct impact on saving of vast sums of public money and raise working efficiency.

"We have also made small but substantial contribution to the promotion of Astana brand in the international arena," Sartayev resumed.
Kazakhstan attends SmartCity Expo World Congress

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