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Israeli researchers develop decoys to block cancer spread

17 April 2019 16:40 809
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Israeli researchers develop decoys to block cancer spread

JERUSALEM. KAZINORFM Israeli researchers have developed a new technology to create decoys that block RNA-binding proteins from spreading cancer, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem reported on Monday.

Recent studies have shown that RNA-binding proteins play a major role in the growth of cancer. These proteins, active in all cells but especially in cancer cells, bind to RNA molecules and accelerate the growth of cancer cells, Xinhua reports.

The new decoy molecules trick RNA-binding proteins into binding with them. Once bound, these RNA-binding proteins are no longer able to bind with the natural RNA molecules in cancer cells and lose their cancer-promoting activity.

The research team developed several decoy molecules that inhibit the RNA-binding proteins that speed up brain and breast cancer growth.

To test the decoys, the scientists treated brain cancer cells with decoy molecules. When the cells were then injected into healthy mice, the cancer cells did not replicate and the tumors soon died off.

The new technology allows to tailor-make decoys for other types of cancer, thereby streamlining and improving treatment for cancer patients.


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